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    The most common form of ownership in New Zealand

    Unit Title

    Typicaly an appartment or terraced house with a common area controlled by a body corporate.


    You own the land with another person(s) and (Cross) lease the buildings to each other.


    You own the building and pay ground rent as you lease the land from another.

    If a real estate agent is involved they will usually prepare the sale and purhase agremeent for you.
    If you are purchasing a peoperty without a real estate agent then we recomend that we prepare this on your behalf.

    property details







    property details

    property details

    property details

    Main Bank

    Westpac, ANZ, TSB, PSIS, ASB, BNZ or similar.

    Non-Bank / Second Tier Lender

    Institutions other than a bank, credit union or building society who source their own funding and offer loan products to customers.

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    A guarantor is a person who agrees to be responsible
    for the mortgage if you are unable to continue making payments.

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    Property type: Freehold

    Property status: Land and Build

    Draft Sale & Purchase agreement: Yes

    LIM report review: Yes

    You will take over tenants: Yes

    Taking out a mortgage: Yes

    All prices include GST and Land Information New Zealand charges including the registration of the property into your name and registration of your mortgage fees (if applicable) and two record of title searches.

    $2125.00(including GST)