helping kiwis to achieve their property goals

Whether you are buying, selling, refinancing,  or buying a business we have the expertise to help.

property law

Buying, Selling, or Refinancing a  house or business we have you covered.  We provide expert advice you can rely on to help you achieve your property goals. We will give your prompt, professional, expert advice in plain English.  

writing a will

A Will is one document you want to get right. It should be easy to read and clearly express your intentions. We can help you draft your Will so you can rest easy knowing your wishes have been set out as clearly.

creating a trust

Trusts are popular as they can shelter assets from a variety of personal or business risks. Trusts have a lot of advantages and disadvantages and it is important to understand these. We can advise if a trust is good for you. 

property sharing agreements

A property sharing agreement can be a lifesaver when a co-owners circumstances change. The agreement lays out all the important stuff such as the death of a co-owner, one party wanting to sell, disputes process, or what happens if one party.

of attorney

Need someone to act when you cannot. A Powers of Attorney is a must have as you would not want a Judge deciding on your care and welfare or your property matters.  It is important to appoint your most trusted friend or family member to act.

relationship property agreements

When you enter into a relationship you always hope for the best but must plan for the worst. Talking about the separation of property with a significant other is never an easy topic. We can draft an agreement that meets your needs.
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